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Sculpture Play

CWRU, Daniel Rainn, Luxury Rebel, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Alex and Ani CWRU, Banana Republic, Sculpture Garden CWRU, Silpada, Sculpture Garden CWRU, Daniel Rainn, Luxury Rebel, J.Crew, Silpada, Sculpture Garden CWRU, J.Crew, Luxury Rebel, Sculpture Garden CWRU, J.Crew, Luxury Rebel, Sculpture Garden CWRU, Daniel Rainn, J.Crew, Luxury Rebel, Sculpture Garden

Photos by: Tom Noe

I didn’t grow up in Cleveland.  I attended Case Western Reserve University (Case) for my undergraduate degree and decided after graduation that I’d stick around; I’ve now lived here longer than anywhere else, boggles my mind!  Case is an urban campus settled among some of the cultural powerhouses of the city including Severance Hall and the Cleveland Museum of Art, both are amazing institutions that I attempt to visit regularly.  I happen to also live very close to these very spots and I can tell you I must have driven by this unassuming sculptural garden a million times; ok, maybe not a million, but a lot!  The garden is just a sliver of green space smack between two very busy thoroughfares and is nestled behind Case and near the Children’s Museum.  I can say I have never seen anyone walk, sit or play in this area, and I don’t blame them because parking and traffic can be slightly overwhelming.  Ready for an adventure I selected this location hoping it would offer some artistic interest, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I had every intention of taking pictures with each sculpture, but the one in the images above offered so much fun and interest there was no need to explore the others, those I would save for another shoot.

Here’s hoping you’ve found some unexpected settings and adventures of your own this summer.  I’d love to hear of any locations you’ve found tucked away and had time to explore and enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by, cheers!


DETAILS:// ​Blouse: Daniel Rainn// Denim: J.Crew// Shoes: Luxury Rebel// Clutch: Banana Republic// Cuff: vintage// Arm Party: Alex & Ani// Necklace: TJ Maxx// Rings: novelty (midi), Silpada (tri-band)// Earrings: Silpada// Lipstick: MAC – Lady Danger