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On Coventry: Burgundy & Black

Coventry, Grog Shop, Rock&Republic, Guess, Maui Jim, Ciao Milano, Lou Taulor, Banana Republic Coventry, BSide, Lou Taulor Coventry, la Cave du Vin, Rock&Republic, Guess, Maui Jim, Ciao Milano, Lou Taulor, Banana Republic Coventry, Rock&Republic, Guess Coventry, Rock&Republic, Guess, Ciao Milano, Maui Jim, Banana Republic, Lou Taulor Coventry, Commander in Chic Coventry, Hookah Bar, Ciao Milano, Rock&Republic, Banana Republic, Guess, Maui Jim, Lou Taulor// Photos by: Tom Noe //

Coventry.  How you’ve changed over the years but somehow managed to keep your charm and alternative vibe.  I love walking the street and popping in all the shops and, when needed, partaking of a fine beverage at any of the several dining establishments.  Recently I’ve attend a slew of concerts and one of my favorite venues is the Grog Shop; the intimate nature of the venue makes you feel like you’re the only one the band is there to play for, just awesome!

Along the street you’ll never suffer from a shortage of fantastic people watching, that’s for sure. Another watering hole I used to visit frequently is La Cave du Vin.  The cozy atmosphere and vast listing of beverages can keep you company for hours.  The BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade, immediately below the Grop Shop, offers a glimpse into the past with a huge array of console video games, too cool!

In keeping with the alternative vibe while feeling a little rock ‘n roll I slid into my Rock&Republic Jeans; a fantastic find from last year I picked-up at Kohl’s, if you can believe it!  Back in the day had you said faux leather it would have immediately conjured up images of seats in a poor man’s car; nowadays from a quick glance it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s faux, a trend I’m happy to consume en mass.  Wine, maroon, blood red, or whatever you want to call it is still a major color influence this year and is one I plan to exploit.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Cheers! – Penny


DETAILS: // Sweater: Banana Republic // Jeans: Rock&Republic // Shoes: Guess // Jacket: Ciao Milano// Clutch: Vintage Lou Taulor// Sunnies: Maui Jim // Cuff: unknown from My Habit// Necklace: novelty// Earrings: Silpada// Ring: novelty// Nails: Sally Hansen-Commander in Chic

Rockin’ Out with butterLONDON

butterLONDON ROCK YOUR COLORbutterLONDON Cosmetics Pistol Pink butterLONDON Cosmetics, Pistol Pink butterLONDON Cosmetics Pistol Pink butterLONDON, Guess, Silpada, White House|Black Market, Guitar ManiabutterLONDON, Guitar Mania, Guess, Silpada butterLONDON Cosmetics, Guess, Silpada, Adia Kibur, White House|Black Market butterLONDON Cosmetics, Guess, Silpada, Adia Kibur, White House|Black Market butterLONDON Cosmetics, Guess, Silpada, Adia Kibur, White House|Black Market//Photos by: josephG//

Pinch me!  Seriously, PINCH ME!

A couple months back I was contacted by butterLONDON and asked if I would like to receive a sampling of their new bespoke cosmetic line; ROCK YOUR COLOR.  I had to noodle on it for a bit, NOT, and immediately responded with a resounding YES!  I thought to myself, who better to showcase this collection but someone living in the Rock n’ Roll Capital of the world?  Not to mention, with the Guitar Mania exhibit all over Cleveland, I knew where I could find a shoot location!

I was a kid in a candy store the day my package arrived; as you can see I received the Pink and Brown assortment.  They have a huge assortment in addition to these colours selections so don’t be fooled with just the few products I showcase here; there’s plenty of options for everyone, from subdued to bold.

I jumped right in and started to incorporate these products into my already vast assortment of cosmetics.  I first used the LIPPY Tinted Balm “Abbey Rose” and fell in love right away!  The color was amazing, it glided on like a gloss but had the holding power of lipstick; HUGE WIN!  I shared my find with the world here and here and was so pumped when their Global Colour Ambassador (Katie Jane Hughes) “liked” both images; read, Pinch Me!

Traveling from lips to nails I dove in again with my “Pistol Pink” Nail Lacquer and played around here and here. I’ve used butterLONDON nail lacquer before and have loved how it applies, dries and removes with ease when you’re ready for a change; their new color didn’t disappoint!

Next, I was excited to try their WINK Eye Pencil in “Pistol Pink”.  I was a little hesitant to apply it since on more than one occasion I’ve used eye pencils that were as hard as crayons; I’m happy to report this glided on as easily as a liquid eye liner and provided not only intense color, but lasting and non-smudging wear all evening.  butterLONDON you have a WINK Eye Pencil convert!

I’m happy to report I have enjoyed all of my butterLONDON Rock Your Color cosmetics and would encourage you to check out the full collection nearest you.  The colors are on-trend for the season, the price points are attractive and wear-ability is outstanding.  Fingers crossed I’ll get selected again to preview new collections as they emerge; This girl loves a party around the holidays and New Year’s Eve, watch out!

So here’s to Rockin’ Out, butterLONDON style!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Cheers! Penny


DETAILS: Tank: Olive&Oak// Capris: White House|Black Market// Pumps: Guess// Clutch: novelty// Necklaces: Silpada (black), Silpada (pink)// Earrings: Silpada// Cuff: Adia Kibur// Ring: Silpada// Watch: Gucci// Lipstick: butterLONDON-Abbey Rose, LIPPY Tinted Balm// Eyeliner: butterLONDON-Pistol Pink, WINK Eye Pencil// Eye Shadow: butterLONDON-Pistol Pink, WINK Cream Eye Shadow


DISCLAIMER:  All comments, reviews and words used above are strictly those of me, Penny Casselman, on  No money was exchanged and no direction given from or by butterLONDON for my feature post above.