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Sum of Parts

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//Photos by: Jennie Doran//

What is an outfit, really, but the sum of its parts?  When I get dressed each day a lot of factors go into what I drape on my body including my mood, the weather, if I’ll need to wear the outfit from sunup to sundown and the story I want to tell to strangers that day; can be overwhelming at times.  This day I knew what I put on that morning would need to carry me through until the evening.  The heat predicted for the day demanded my hair to be tucked behind my ears, my feet needed to breath and my clothes had to be flowing; everything comfortable in its own way.

Cleveland’s weather is starting its menopausal swing into fall; some days it’s in the 60’s and the next day in the mid 80’s. I suppose it’s better to ease into the crisp fall air rather than mother nature simply flipping a switch.

Enjoy the changes occurring in your area of the world as the seasons transition; they always seem to slip by too quickly.

Thank you for stopping by, Cheers! -Penny


DETAILS: Skirt: Ya Los Angeles (purchased here)// Blouse: KOAN //Shoes: Franco Sarto// Earrings: Silpada// Bracelets: Silpada (stones), vintage (bangle)//  Necklace: Silpada,  // Watch: Gucci// Polish: Loreal-Greycian Goddess (fingers), butterLONDON-Pistol Pink (toes)