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Twenty 13

Suddenly I look up and it’s 2014; how did that happen?

I’ve taken a bit of time off from the blog for several reasons, all of which I won’t bore you with, but now I’m back!

It’s been a wild 8 months and before I launch into 2014 I wanted to take a minute and reflect back on that time.  If you joined in the past few months many of these images will be ‘new to you’, so I suppose I’m cheating a little here and not posting something completely “new”.

*CLICK* on the images below to be taken to the original post!

Going through the motions I had forgotten all the fun I’ve had along the way with regards to this blog, all of which couldn’t have been accomplished without the assistance of my wonderful, amazing, supportive and talented photog friends: Jennie Doran, Johnine Byrne, Tom Noe, Joseph Gabrosek and Marie Taylor.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and the direction I’d like to take it in 2014.  There will still be plenty of photos but in terms of writing I want to be *real*, a word I’m really focused on this year.

So, my friends, the journey commences and I hope you will continue to follow along as I’m more excited about 2014 and all the possibilities it holds!

Cheers ~ Penny

A Partial Blonde, Farmer's MintA Partial Blonde, CobaltA Partial Blonde, Black White & Rooster A Partial Blonde, Photo Skirt A Partial Blonde, MOCA A Partial Blonde, Organic Pattern A Partial Blonde, Orange Accents A Partial Blonde, Navy & Mint A Partial Blonde, Navy and PastelsA Partial Blonde, Sculpture Play A Partial Blonde, Photobombing A Partial Blonde, Black & White A Partial Blonde, Hip to be Square A Partial Blonde, Pop of Emerald A Partial Blonde, PatchworkA Partial Blonde, On Coventry, Burgundy

A Partial Blonde, Stripes & Polka dots  A Partial Blonde, Over the kneeA Partial Blonde, Happy HalloweenA Partial Blonde, NauticalA Partial Blonde, Rust Belt Chic GraffitiA Partial Blonde, Back to School

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  1. Gina #

    I missed so many of these great shoots of 2013. Beautiful!!

    January 17, 2014

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