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Field Jacket

Room Service W.25th Field Jacket and Starbucks Eddie Bauer Field Jacket and Starbucks Room Service W.25th Front Window Halogen Bianca Black Patent Leather Wedge Field Jacket, Scarf and Necklace Ann Taylor Necklace Room Service W.25th and Field Jacket

Field Jacket: Eddie Bauer// Knit Shirt: Banana Republic// Shoes: Halogen// Scarf: Nordstrom// Denim: Compagnia Italiana (purchased in Italy)// Belt: Banana Republic Outlet// Earrings: Silpada// Ring: SteinMart// Necklace: Ann Taylor// Bracelets: Novelty

Photos by: Jennie Doran


Today it’s going to be in the high 80’s however last week in Cleveland, being true to its wacky weather, nearly had me wearing gloves at the end of May.  Refusing to dig them out of my closet I, instead, decided to warm my hands with a Starbucks coffee and my neck with a new scarf.  Standing outside one of my favorite boutiques in Cleveland (Room Service) I took in the hustle and bustle that is W.25th.  As it has a thousand times before, my trusty old Eddie Bauer field jacket came to my stylish rescue; I *love* this jacket and will be so sad the day we have to part.  Hope you are enjoying your weather, wherever you may be.  Cheers to kicking off another weekend!

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